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Welcome to the FTO Drivers Club - an informal group of Perth owners who wish to get the most out of their Mitsubishi FTO. This isn't a formal association with membership numbers, joining fees, newsletters, AGMs, etc. etc. It simply provides an information source for FTO events, gatherings and general assistance for owners in Perth, Western Australia.

If you are interested in taking part in the local FTO community, please Join Up. By registering as an owner you will get mailouts whenever we are planning a new event, or when major website changes occur.


2006 Calendar Competition - We've Done It Again! - [17th Jan, 2006] Richard H

Our "race" photo has won a place for the month of September in the 2006 UK FTO Owners Club calendar!

Many thanks to all involved... Stephen, Paul, Leigh, Jason, Vlad and, of course, Franz for the camera waving. Top work, people - that's three calendars in a row.

I'll be purchasing a pack of the 2006 calendars from the UK FTOOC. If you are interested in getting one (probably for around $15), please email me asap.

I'll upload last year's image to our Galleries section soon. It's a beauty!


Christmas Cruise 2005 - [24th November, 2005] Richard H

Mark A will be back in Perth for a couple of weeks, exchanging a slushy, bitter English Christmas for the proper variety... one with a BBQ lunch, 40-degree heat and a trip to the beach. And he's requested an FTO cruise as the icing on the cake.


The start time will be Sunday December 18, 10:30am.

The meet point will be Kings Park - Arthur Fairall Playground. The location is at the far western end of Kings Park, off May Drive (near Poole Ave).


Calendar Photo Shoot, Thursday 22nd September 2005 - [22nd September, 2005] Richard H

Many thanks to the participants of this year's photo shoot - Jason, Leigh, Paul, Stephen and Vlad. Your enthusiasm and support is very much appreciated. Thanks also to Franz for the photography work, and the people at AHG Driving Centre for the use of their facilities.

We'll probably have to wait until early January to find out if we've won a spot in the UK FTO Owners Club 2006 Calendar. Fingers crossed...


New Workshop Article - Adjusting MIVEC Air/Fuel Ratios - [12th September, 2005] Richard H

Earlier this year, I began a new technical project. The plan was to use a voltage interceptor to modify the FTO's fuel mixtures. Now, there are plenty of aftermarket engine management products about, but this unit was a little different. It came as a kit, required construction... and cost less than AU$150!

Would it work? And could enriching or leaning out the mixture squeeze some additional horsepower from the FTO's MIVEC powerplant?

I'm pleased to say that all the hard work is done. The project is complete. The entire process has been recorded, dyno sheets and all, in a brand new Workshop article, Adjusting MIVEC Air/Fuel Ratios.


Normal www.ftowa.com Service Has Resumed! - [21st July, 2005] Richard H

Thanks to some sheer administrative brilliance from our (former) domain registrar, the FTO Drivers Club website has been off the air for nine days.

It's good to be back! Special thanks to Mark for jumping through beaurocratic hoops to get it sorted. Cheers mate.


FTO Places 9th at MC Motorsport Finals - [17th June, 2005] Richard H

This definitely falls into the shameless crowing category. If you feel it's beneath you to read such crowing (it's very, very shameless indeed), stop now!

Last Sunday saw a rare confluence of circumstances occur for the Finals (Round 5) of the 2005 MC Motorsport Summer Series:

  1. The FTO had just been kitted out with an EVO III limited slip diff.
  2. I happened to have a near-new set of r-comp tyres in the shed, with heaps of tread depth, but worn in to perfection.
  3. It was raining cats and dogs on race day!

As a bonus, all the courses were tight and twisty little affairs. If ever there was the chance to get the jump on the field, this was it! A lightweight front wheel drive car with moderate power can be a real weapon in the wet. And that's exactly the way it turned out.

By day's end, I'd managed to navigate my way through six near-perfect courses, with not a single lock-up under brakes, no cone collisions and no wrong ways. The new LSD made a world of difference, with full traction giving the FTO some great car speed through the courses. The Yokahama Advan 032R tyres did a superb job in very difficult conditions.

When the results were published, I'd achieved an unprecedented Ninth Place out of a field of 74 competitors. The FTO's finest hour (so far...)! Note: The originally published results showed an even better "7th place", but it seems the organiser's spreadsheet calcs were a little dodgy! The amendments showed that two STIs had pipped me by 0.6s. But still in the Top Ten!

A complete Finals event timesheet is available from the Motorsport page.


FTO Cruise, 1st May 2005 - [12th April, 2005] Richard H

We're going on a little drive out of the city on May 1, starting from Carousel shopping centre, Cannington. We'll drive to Dwellingup for lunch, then return to Perth via a roundabout route.

This promises to be a good day out, weather permitting! So why not get that FTO fuelled up, drop in to say hi, and then hit the open road with us?

Check out the Events page for more details.


2005 Calendar Competition - Another Win! - [13th Jan, 2005] Richard H

Our September rooftop photo shoot produced some spectacular images... and has achieved a spectacular result in this year's UK FTO Owners Club calendar competition. Our pic won a place for the month of November...

...and a second image has apparently made the front cover!

Many thanks to all involved... Pete, Darren, Peter, Kenny, Paul, Leigh, Vlad and... last but not least... BIG thanks to Franz for his outstanding camera work.

I have arranged a bulk purchase of fifteen 2005 calendars from the UK FTOOC. If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these (cost: $15), please email me asap.

On a related issue, I've added a number of images to our Galleries from the 2003 Calendar Comp photo shoot. This was our first group photo shoot, and our entry featured in the 2004 UK FTOOC Calendar. There are some intersting alternate images in this gallery, so be sure to check it out.

Now we'll need to start planning our entry for this year's calendar competition! Stay tuned...


FTO Breakfast and Cruise - Sunday January 9th, 2005 - [27th Dec, 2004] Richard H

Why not hop in the FTO on a Sunday morning, and drive down to Fast Eddy's Fremantle for breakfast? We will also be going for a bit of a drive, and there will no doubt be a bit of tyre-kicking thrown in as well!

Check out the Events page for more details.

If you're interested in joining in, please email me or post up in the forum.


Little XLS For Service History Stuff - [15th Nov, 2004] Richard H

I don't know if something so puny will be of use to anyone, but just in case it is...

I've just uploaded a wee XLS spreadsheet that helps me keep track of what part is due to go bung, and when... hopefully before it actually does! Obviously it can be tweaked to reflect different wear and vehicle usage, but it might be useful to someone wanting to keep track of their GPX servicing.

It's here... FTO_GPX_Svc_Part_Age.xls

You're welcome to grab it on condition that you (a) don't tell me how weak it is and that your grandmother is 1337 by comparison, and (b) you don't blame me if your timing belt shreds 5km before the numbers say it needs replacing.


Night at the Drags... NEW DATE - Wed November 24, 2004 - [13th Oct, 2004] Richard H

We will be making some quarter mile passes at one of the Quit Motorplex "Whoop Ass Wednesday" events.

There will even be a small prize for the fastest elapsed time of the night from an FTO.

If you're interested in joining in, please email me or post on the forum.

Check out the Events page for more details.

We had previously scheduled this for the last Wednesday in October, but most people weren't available. In addition, two FTO owners from FTO Australia in the Eastern States will be here in Perth that week. They might want to join us at the drags!


Rooftop FTO Photo Shoot!... Monday Night, 20th September 2004 - [9th Sept, 2004] Richard H

This year, we're aiming for a club photo with even more impact than last year's image (which won a place in the UK FTO Owners Club Calendar).

We've arranged with Wilson Parking an ideal spot for a night-time, long exposure shot on the rooftop of a city centre car park. The backdrop of the city after dark should be stunning. Once again, Franz is stepping up for camera-waving duty.

If you're interested in joining in, but have not received a member email about it, please contact me asap.

Check out the Events page for up-to-date information.


MC Motorsport Team Motorkhana Finals Complete - [20th June, 2004] Richard H

The series is all done and dusted. Our team, Captain Chaos, scored 12th place on the day, and also 12th place for the overall series (out of 16 teams).

Check out the Motorsport page for full team placings.

Finals Day was held at the brand new AHG Driving Centre at Perth International Airport. It certainly is an impressive venue. In the afternoon sessions, there were two Motorkhana courses being run simultaneously on twin skid pans, with the V8s belting around the circuit behind. Wonderful stuff!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our rookie motorkhana campaign! It was a real blast.


Performance Driver Training Day - July 4, 2004 PM Session - [15th June, 2004] Richard H

We have booked a driver training day at MC Motorsport for early July. This is going to be held at the brand new AHG Driving Centre at Perth International Airport.

If you would like to spend some time learning performance driving techniques in a controlled environment, book yourself a spot without delay. It will cost no more than $100 for a half day event. We have a total of 14 places available for this training day.

Full details are available on our Events page.


FTOWA Induction System Article Updated - [3rd June, 2004] Richard H

Results from a real world dyno run have been added to the FTOWA Induction System article, along with some notes on air pressure drop at the throttle body.

There is also an image of Version 2.5 of the prototype version. Without the duct tape!


MC Motorsport Team Motorkhana Round 4 Complete - [31st May, 2004] Richard H

Round 4 is finally done. Our team, Captain Chaos, is in 11th place (out of 16 teams).

Given the horror conditions prevalent on our competition date (Group B), we got off lightly in only losing one place overall. Groups A and B ran on a day so wet we needed sonar to find the traffic cones! Group C, in contrast, ran two weeks later, on a beautiful sunny morning. But that's the way it goes at MC's... No handicaps, no excuses!

Full results are available on our Motorsport page.


A Novel Induction System - Unlocking Extra Torque And Power - [29th May, 2004] Richard H

After spending several months sacrificing car (and truck) parts for medical experiment, the story can now be told.

A novel approach when designing an aftermarket induction system has managed to unlock decent torque gains from 4500rpm right through to redline. It's quiet, it's refined, and it's not a pod filter!

Find out how in our new article, The FTOWA Induction System. We've got big words, pictures and dyno graphs. And did we mention the truck parts?


MC Motorsport Team Motorkhana Round 3 Complete - [13th April, 2004] Richard H

Round 3 is all done and dusted. Our team, Captain Chaos, is in 10th place (out of 16 teams).

The rain stayed away, which is quite unusual for the Easter break in Perth. Trackside, the competition was stiff, with new course records set, some surprise showings and the odd upset. All the usual MC fun and games, then!!

As always, our very own Motorsport page has all the details!


MC Motorsport Team Motorkhana Round 2 Complete - [17th March, 2004] Richard H

Round 2 is over, and team Captain Chaos has moved up two places to 8th (out of 16 teams).

Additionally, all four Chaos drivers brought in times ranking in the top half of the 64 competitors. The fastest runner was Nick, who placed 18th in Round 2. Very nice driving indeed.

Drop in on the Motorsport page and check out all the stats!


February Breakfast Cruise - [15th February, 2004] Richard H

Thanks to those who dropped in for a coffee and a bite to eat!

...and as usual for Perth, th drive up the coast was just perfect. See you next time!


UK FTOOC Calendar - Our Picture Won a Place! - [12th February, 2004] Richard H

Last year, eleven FTO Drivers Club vehicles congregated at the Australian Marine Complex for a photo opportunity. The plan was to get a picture in the UK FTO Owners Club 2004 calendar.

Well, we won! We're the June 2004 centrefold, hehe.

Thanks to all who attended. Special thanks to Franz for his photography work. Standing on his 300ZX to get better elevation certainly achieved the desired result!

Just wait for the swimsuit edition next year...


New Forum Section - Club Motorsport - Updated - [10th February, 2004] Richard H

The FTO Drivers Club has entered a team in this season's MC Motorsport motorhana competition!

Consequently, it seemed appropriate to add a motorsport-related section to our little forum. We will be posting event schedules, team details, discussions, etc. There might even be the odd competitor's diary floating around, just to bore you senseless with irrelevant trackside goss!

So why not pay a visit to the FTO Drivers Club Forum and check out what's going on.

Update - In addition to the forum, we now have a brand new Motorsport page, for even more shameless self-promotion!


Drag Racing at Quit Motorplex - Wed Jan 14, 2004 - [2nd February, 2004] Richard H

We had an impressive result at the drag racing night at Quit Motorplex. Congratulations to Leigh for his pass of 14.83 seconds in his manual GPX!

Many thanks to all who attended. Paul, we hope your vehicle is no longer feeling poorly - it needs to get ready for the next drag session!


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