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Event wrapups and upcoming events are listed below.

Want to have your own event wrapup article presented here? No problem! Provide a narrative and photos of the event, and we will do the rest!

Got an idea in mind? Send proposed events to Richard H.

Upcoming Events
Christmas Cruise - December 18, 2005

Mark A will be back in Perth for a couple of weeks, exchanging a slushy, bitter English Christmas for the proper variety... one with a BBQ lunch, 40-degree heat and a trip to the beach. And he's requested an FTO cruise as the icing on the cake.


The start time will be Sunday December 18, 10:30am.

The meet point will be Kings Park - Arthur Fairall Playground. The location is at the far western end of Kings Park, off May Drive (near Poole Ave).


Recently Completed Events
September 22, 2005 - FTO Photo Shoot

Many thanks to the participants of this year's photo shoot - Jason, Leigh, Paul, Stephen and Vlad. Your enthusiasm and support is very much appreciated. Thanks also to Franz for the photography work, and the people at AHG Driving Centre for the use of their facilities.

Drag Night, November 2004

A quiet night for the FTOs, with only two along. But what a great result...

Leigh 14.81
Richard 14.84

Plus, special thanks to Kaveman & Teania for dropping in from Over East. Hope you had a nice time over here in Perth!

Monday Evening, September 20, 2004 - FTO Drivers Club Rooftop Photo Shoot

The photo shoot went extremely well. The resulting image has been submitted to the UK FTO Owners Club 2005 Calendar Competition for judging. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Many thanks to everyone who made it through the interminably boring drive up 10 car park levels to the roof! The night went off without a hitch.

July 4, 2004 - MC Motorsport Performance Driving

Thanks to everyone for making this a fun day out. We got a lot of runs in, for sure! A dash of wet weather made for an interesting driving experience... especially the patchy wet/dry bits on the track as the day progressed.

The new venue was great too... and so much closer to the city than Neerabup!

February 29, 2004 - Breakfast and Cruise

Breakfast at Fast Eddys Fremantle and a drive up the coast on a sunny morning. Need we say more? Thanks to those who dropped in... it was great to see you!

January 14th, 2004 - Drag Racing at Quit Motorplex

Thank you to all who attended! It was truly a perfect evening for stuffing your head inside a crash helmet! :)

Our best Standing Quarter times were as follows:

Leigh 14.832
Richard 15.211
Vlad 15.485

If your name isn't listed, please email me your time!

October 19 - MC Motorsport Performance Driving

Thank you to all who attended! We tried some different course variants this time, got some good laps in and enjoyed another day on the tarmac.

Rumour has it that Stewart's girlfriend Wing liked it so much she booked a spot at a forthcoming 'Ladies Day' at MC Motorsport! Let us know how you go!

2003 FTO Photo Shoot & Cruise

This was certainly a day of unexpected challenges! We lost our first choice of location and backdrop, our photographer lost his car somewhere in the roadside nature strip, and we lost Mark a little early due to his pit-crew obligations... not to mention Richard dashing off to play RAC Roadside Assistance to a certain Nissan driver instead of leading the cruise!

But was it still a good day out? Of course it was!

Pictures available (short term) at www.franzonline.net. We will be putting all those photos on CDROM this week, and will have a stack to give out at the MC Motorsport FTO day on October 19. Note that there is also a single compressed file of all photos available for download.

The next step will be an article on the whole event, as there were some rather interesting happenings in between the 'standing around' bits!

Additionally, here's a little image that came out of the random vehicle setup shortly before leaving for Dwellingup...

June 28 - MC Motorsport Performance Driving

Thanks to everyone who made this event a great day out. It was marvellous to see peoples' adventurous sides come out to play in the wet!

June 8th, 2003 - Barbecue at Lancelin

It was back to the Old Days of mini-meets and tiny convoys, with just a few managing to make it out on the day.

Fred, Faye, Graeme and I (Rich) left the city behind, and tortured some sausages on a Lancelin barbie. It was good to get away from it all - even if my entire kitchen ended up coming along!

A pleasant drive, beautiful blue skies and absolutely no flying furniture!

April 12th and 13th, 2003 - Bunbury Cruise and Overnight Stay

The first overnighter we've had, and it was a blast - what a great weekend it turned out to be! Thanks to everybody for making it so enjoyable.

A special thank you to Rosemary and Liam for the local tour of Bunbury, and for leading Sunday's "cruise to nowhere" - what a beautiful day for a 400km drive! :)

March 30th - Lunch at JoJo's Cafe, Nedlands

Thanks to everyone who fought their way through the rain and wind to the relative warmth of the cafe!

It was great to meet some new faces. Good food, good company!


Event Wrapups

Date Title
10th November, 2002 Dams & Dwellingup
8th June, 2002 MC Motorsport Performance Driving Day
8th September, 2001 Cruise: Toodyay, Northam and the York Motor Museum
3rd June, 2001 Cruise: Scarbrough to Yanchep
28th January, 2001 Cruise: Serpentine Dam





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