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Cruise to Serpentine Dam, January 28, 2001 - Article by Richard H

Head for the Hills!

At crack of dawn, three bleary-eyed FTO drivers met up for breakfast at Fast Eddy's Fremantle.

Mark B had just moved back to Oz from Japan, and brought his pristine condition Burgundy tiptronic GPX over with him. It was probably the only FTO in Perth without any front/rear accident damage, as all the import yards here seem to be flogging patch-ups. Nice extras like ABS and TCL too.

Mark A turned up in a black manual GPX - largely stock, except for the vivid red front grille. He also brought along Bill W (aka Buzz) - a member of the UK FTO Owner's Club down here on his holidays. And what better way to see Perth than from a speeding GPX...?

My wife and I brought along our silver manual GPX - also stock at this time, save for a front strut brace.

As each FTO turned up, the usual cries of "not another one - there goes my exclusivity!" could be heard. There weren't any other patrons to annoy, as nobody else was dumb enough to be out of bed this early on a Sunday.

Following the introductions (and some enormously unhealthy serves of breakfast), we hit the road. Three FTOs weaved their way through Perth's southern suburbs, at one time three-abreast down North Lake Road.

In fairly short order, we found ourselves on the open road, headed for Serpentine Dam, near Jarrahdale. The roads outside Perth are a marvellous place to be on a summer's morning. Seeing a couple of sleek imports in the rear view mirror was, of course, the icing on the cake.

We had a good stopover at Serpentine Dam (where all the displayed photos were taken). Refreshments downed, outrageous driving stories exchanged and tyres kicked. Then off to pastures new.

A meandering course was plotted back to Perth (helped by a couple of wrong turns), with a few more stops thrown in for additional poking at car parts. All too soon, the morning came to an end and we found ourselves homeward bound.

Organising three FTOs getting together for a cruise was good fun... but it turned out that this was only the beginning!

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