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Welcome to the FTO Drivers Club - an informal group of Perth owners who wish to get the most out of their Mitsubishi FTO. This isn't a formal association with membership numbers, joining fees, newsletters, AGMs, etc. etc. It simply provides an information source for FTO events, gatherings and general assistance for owners in Perth, Western Australia.

If you are interested in taking part in the local FTO community, please Join Up. By registering as an owner you will get mailouts whenever we are planning a new event, or when major website changes occur.


Bon Voyage! - [12th November, 2003] Richard H

In a few short days, Mark A will be jetting off for a stint in the UK.

Mark was instrumental in setting up the FTO Drivers Club here in Perth. He was on the very first mini-cruise to Serpentine Dam way back in 2001 (a whole 3 FTOs!). Since then, he has provided the web admin, site format, database, forum and the hundred other things that have gone into making this little West Aussie FTO community what it is today.

We now have over seventy registered owners, an established web forum and have had half a dozen club events this year alone. Over time, our 'Workshop' articles have become a part of the general FTO knowledgebase, with owners from Australia, Britain, Malaysia and Singapore dropping by to pick up useful technical info.

None of this would have been possible without Mark's hard work throughout. So... thanks mate! Enjoy your time in England, then get back here for more surf, sun and four-wheeled fun!


FTO Drivers Club Photo Shoot and Cruise - Updated - [11th October, 2003] Richard H

A big thank you to everyone who made the photo shoot possible!

It was great to see some new faces along as well. All in all, we had 11 FTOs to shuffle around the car park of the Australian Marine Complex.

Pictures available (short term) at www.franzonline.net. We will be putting all those photos on CDROM this week, and will have a stack to give out at the MC Motorsport FTO day on October 19. Note that there is also a single compressed file of all photos available for download.

The next step will be an article on the whole event, as there were some rather interesting happenings in between the 'standing around' bits!


New Workshop Article... Going Faster - A Driver's Perspective - [12th September, 2003] Richard H

Richard H recently discovered that if he spent the same amount of money on driver training that he'd previously spent on modifying the FTO, not only was his wife less annoyed at him whenever the Visa statement arrived, but that (strangely enough) his driving wasn't so bad! Imagine that...

To that end, read about such things as corner entry, trail-braking and weight transfer in the new article in the Workshop Section.

A must for all those people with an irrational desire to spend their every waking moment behind the wheel of a sports car!


MC Motorsport Driver Training Day, 19th October - [27th August, 2003] Richard H

The FTO Drivers Club has booked MC Motorsport for another fine Sunday morning's drive around (and over) traffic cones.

Two instructors will be on hand to dispense advice, and participants are sure to have a lot of fun driving at the limit.

Check out full details on the Events Page.


MC Motorsport Driver Training Day, 28th June - Updated - [28th June, 2003] Richard H

Thanks to everyone for braving the dodgy weather at MC Motorsport! That was a lot of fun, and the instructors commented again about the FTO mob being "a good bunch of people".

"Viva la handbrake!"

Update, Mark: I have added a photo gallery of the day here. Thanks goes to Graeme for the fantastic pictures


Lancelin Barbecue - Sunday June 8 - [9th June, 2003] Richard H

The Lancelin BBQ ended up being on a perfect sunny winter's day. A modest group of 4 took part, but brought enough food and cooking equipment for a small army!

A great drive, and plenty of tyre-kicking at the park! Always makes for a good day out...


Bunbury Overnighter a huge success - [14th April, 2003] Richard H

Many thanks to all who came along. It was a great night away, and a cracking country drive the next day!

Just watch out for those sheep! And the 100km/h exploding cupboard! And the huge water tank coming around the bend with no "wide load" pilot vehicle... Ah, Aussie roads at their very best. :)


Changes All Around! - [10th April, 2003] Mark A

Welcome everyone to the new FTO Drivers Club, Western Australia server. During the course of the night of the 10th of April we moved to a new server! Why have we done this? Our new server increases our storage space and bandwidth allowance astronomically meaning we can enable things such as avatars and images in the forums. Instead of having to juggle site images amongst different servers and personal accounts we can place everything in the one place.

The conversion is not fully complete, images will be moved over in the next few days, but its started. Hopefully you should also notice a significant increase in server speed, and less downtime!

Our new hosts are PowWeb. If you want host anything on the web, these guys are the people to see, of course if you sign up with them, note us down as the referrer and we will get credited with some extra hosting. Very helpful for keeping us running as long as possible! If you notice anything wrong, missing or just plain not working, email Mark A and we can sort it out as soon as possible.


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