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Welcome to the FTO Drivers Club - an informal group of Perth owners who wish to get the most out of their Mitsubishi FTO. This isn't a formal association with membership numbers, joining fees, newsletters, AGMs, etc. etc. It simply provides an information source for FTO events, gatherings and general assistance for owners in Perth, Western Australia.

If you are interested in taking part in the local FTO community, please Join Up. By registering as an owner you will get mailouts whenever we are planning a new event, or when major website changes occur.

JoJo's Cafe Meet - [30th March, 2003] Mark A

Thanks to everyone who turned up for lunch today at JoJo's. Was the first "luncheon" style gathering we've ever had I think. Here is a photo of all those who didn't take off immediately after / during lunch! (here where'd jeff go?? :)

See you all at the next event.


Lunch Meet at JoJo's Cafe on Sunday March 30th- [13th March, 2003] Richard H

We're organising a nice ol' Meet, Greet and Eat for everyone - to be held at JoJo's Cafe in Nedlands.

This is a great opportunity to meet up, put some faces to names and kick some tyres. And did we mention there was food?

Check out the Events Page.


Bunbury Overnight Trip Planned for April 12th-13th- [9th March, 2003] Richard H

The FTO Drivers Club is planning a cruise to Bunbury on Saturday April 12th, with an overnight stay in a local motel. This should be a great weekend, so don't miss it!

Note: This was previously planned for April 5th/6th, but was put back one week.

Check out the Events Page for full details.


Size Does Matter, Rollaboyz Annual Cruise - [8th April, 2003] Mark A

Taken Directly from the Rollaboyz website.

"Size Does Matter" Cruise 2003, 6th April 2003

The 4th Annual "Size Does Matter" Cruise!! Help us pull the modified car community together in a cruise that really proves that SIZE DOES MATTER. The aim of the cruise is to simply attract the most amount of cars. 237 is the current standing record and we plan to beat it! Details on this event soon!

You don't have to be a Rollaboyz member to participate in this cruise. There is a small entry fee for this cruise, the entry fee buys you a map (directions) as well as the chance of win one of a few spot prizes. I'll post more info as I get it. I will be attending this cruise.

Apologies for a lack of activity on the website lately, and lack of proactive event organisation, it seems to be a busy time of year for everyone. I haven't even managed to complete my POD vs Panel article yet. If someone wants to organise an event or has some news to post here to the main page, contact me (click on my name above) and i'll see what I can do.


New Workshop Article, The Importance of the Cambelt - [25th January, 2003] Mark A

A new article has been added to the workshop article database. The Importance of the Cambelt discusses why it is important to have a good cambelt, and the consequences of an incorrectly installed or stretched cambelt.

"This story starts back in March 2001. A man takes a final look around the airport before heading onto the Boeing 747 for the flight to Canada. Qantas Flight QF52 departs at 11:05pm. Earlier that day he had accepted an innocent enough sounding proposal from a gentleman well known to himself. Little did he know that this proposal would lead to 18 months of heart wrenching grief..."

Stay tuned for a new article soon relating to a comparison of the standard intake system to a replacement POD filter intake system, the results might shock you!. Remember to check the workshop page for other workshop articles. All articles can now be discussed in the forum.


Forum Opened- [25th January, 2003] Mark A

We have opened our forum for public consumption. If you are an FTO driver, or even a non-FTO driver please feel free to join up and shoot the breeze. Yes we realise there are already a bunch of FTO related forums around, but this one is really for discussion between members so we have a central point to chat, rather than having to search through all the other FTO forums for each other.

As always, please keep things clean and as close to G rated as possible! :)


Article Posted on 2002 Dwellingup Cruise- [20th January, 2003] Richard H

Many thanks to everyone for participating in last year's Dams & Dwellingup cruise.

A record of this great day out can be found here, or via the Events Page.


MC Motorsport, Club Series - [2nd December, 2002] Mark A

I've been interested in forming a club team for the MC Motorsport Club Series for a while now, and from talking informally to a few people, who have expressed interest, i'm calling out for anybody that is interested in forming a team for the first half of next year.

If you are officially interested in being part of the team, then please forward your interest to me. I have contacted John Clark from MC Motorsport to find out the costs, team sizes etc and am currently waiting for a response.

Given the performances from our last outing I believe that we can put together a competetive team. Drop me a line.


New Workshop Article, Extracting Diagnosis Codes from the Engine ECU - [13th November, 2002] RichardH

A new article has been added - "Extracting Diagnosis Codes from the Engine ECU". You'll find it on the Workshop Page.

This article shows how to get diagnostic codes out of the FTO's engine computer... without needing a Mitsubishi dealer's MUT-II device.


Western Auto Salon - October 19-20, 2002 - [13th October, 2002] Mark A

Its that time of the year again. Yes, thats it, Western Salon (PAS) is on again. this year it is held at Belmont Park raceway on Saturday 19th October and Sunday 20th October. For anyone who has not been to an Auto Salon type event before, these are basically a car show catering for high performance Hot4s, Hi-Tech 6's with the occasional Old-Tech Commodore thrown into the mix.

Although we don't have a stand, if you are considering modifying your car, or just generally interested in what others are doing to theirs, then head along and treat yourself to some fantastic cars and inspiration. There are also many exhibitors on show, and they are ways happy to peddle their wares to you. Typical ticket prices are about $15 but im not sure what they are for this specific event, it shouldn't be too much more than that, but definately not less.

If you can't make it however, never fear. I shall be spending some time there and will take along the camera and do a bit of a writeup of the show.

Also of note is Rally Australia, October 31st to November 3rd. Tickets are through Ticketmaster. Prices range from as little as $15 to up to $160 for a full-event ticket. I don't think I need to say much more regarding this :)


Workshop Articles, MIVEC Engine and Fuel Octane Levels - [30th September, 2002] RichardH

A new two-part article has been added - "MIVEC Engine and Fuel Octane Levels". You'll find it on the Workshop Page.

This article takes a look at everything from engine management to octane boosters, with dyno graphs galore!


New Workshop Article, Measuring Engine Torque and Power - [25th September, 2002] RichardH

A new article has been added - "Measuring Engine Torque and Power". You'll find it on the Workshop Page.

This article delves into the use of a DIY digital recording device to capture engine revs, so that the data can be converted into torque and power curves using a neat software package.

The possibilities are endless...


Quit Motorplex Sunday Street Racing - 15th September 2002 - [14th August, 2002] RichardH

Another new car club, the Mitsubishi Owners Group, WA (MOGWA), are organising their inaugural day out at the Quit Motorplex Sunday drags!

FTO Drivers Club members have been cordially invited to attend, whether it be to launch their vehicles down the straight, chat over a barbie or meet with some of the new MOGWA club sponsors.

Details can be found on the MOGWA web site.


New Workshop Article, Adding an Oil Temperature Gauge - [9th August, 2002] RichardH

A new article has been added - "Adding an Oil Temperature Gauge". You'll find it on the Workshop Page.

Many thanks to the FTO (and MR2) owners who dropped in for the BBQ at my place last weekend. It was great to catch up with y'all. And it just goes to show... No lunch is complete without incomprehensible Japanese service histories and FTOOC calendars strewn across the table.


New Workshop Article, Looking for Better Stopping Power - [30th July, 2002] RichardH

A new article has been added - "Looking for Better Stopping Power". You'll find it on the Workshop Page.

Plus... Apologies to those people who had trouble adding their FTO Drivers Club membership details over the last few days. Everything is running smoothly again. Hopefully the gremlins will bother someone else for a while...


Stickers - Get Your Stickers! - [23th July, 2002] Mark

Shameless self promotion should be a way of life! :) If you wanna help us "advertise" The FTO Drivers Club then be sure to grab one of these stickers pictured right [click to get a bigger view]. The size of them is 200mm * 28mm and they are proper decals [ie each letter is an individual sticker], you can put them anywhere from paint to glass to plastic, wherever you want. The cost for these little ones? $1.50, which covers the cost of us getting them produced, yes, we take no profit!

On a personal shameless promotion level I got my exhaust done by Cypher Industries yesterday [full cat-back and N1 muffler]. Visit my webpage to see the info and pictures. I definitely recommend going to these guys if you want to get your exhaust done. Great quality work.


Mitsubishi Cruise - Perth (for all Mitsubishi cars in WA) - [19th July, 2002] Mark
Lance from the Perth Cordia Owners Group is organising a cruise for an upcoming Friday night (date to be decided). See the Events page for more information. Register your interest soon!

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