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If you want to make contact with other FTO owners, there are several online communities in existence.

FTO Drivers Club Forum

We have opened up our own personal forum for general use by one and all. This is intended for local club-related content. Please keep things clean and as close to G rated as possible.

You can access it here.

JCars FTO Chat Forum

On JCars, you will find useful information on all things FTO-related - vehicle mods, servicing, problems, solutions, items for sale and so on...

Message archives go back several years, and are easily searched. If you have a question, chances are it's already been asked (and answered) on JCars.

For sheer ease of use, you can't beat it.

We hope other Perth FTO owners will find it as useful as we have!


Once you're there, simply select the FTO image.
Then select "Chat Forum" from the menu.

Smartgroups FTO List

For another excellent online FTO community, check out Smartgroups.

If you intend to sign up, be aware that this is a very busy mailing list indeed! Unless you are keen to receive several hundred emails a day, set your Smartgroups preferences to Web-Only mode as soon as you join.

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