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This section contains information on anything to do with mechanical work - modifications, garage recommendations, cosmetic projects, etc.

If you would like to submit material, please feel free to do so! You can forward your article text (and also any images) via email to the webmaster.

Title Date
Adjusting MIVEC Air/Fuel Ratios 12th September, 2005
The FTOWA Induction System 29th May, 2004
Going Faster - A Driver's Perspective 12th September, 2003
The Importance of the Cambelt 25th January, 2003
Extracting Diagnosis Codes from the Engine ECU 13th November, 2002
The MIVEC Engine and Fuel Octane Levels - Part II 30th September, 2002
The MIVEC Engine and Fuel Octane Levels - Part I 28th September, 2002
Measuring Engine Torque and Power 25th September, 2002
Adding an Oil Temperature Gauge 9th August, 2002
Looking for Better Stopping Power 30th July, 2002
Rich's FTO Suspension Refit 23rd July, 2002


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